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Parent Endorsements

We’re Not Alone


While it is sad there are so many families in our situation, it is good to see that we are not alone, and that we can hope and work for a better future.

~ Charles and Georgia N. / new parents


Hearing from Others


Reading other parent’s input really helps, not to mention the kid’s stories too.

~ Phoebe S. / parent


Opportunity to Share


Thank you for the most wonderful opportunity to share my experience with others.

~ Tammy C., parent

Services and Solutions


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Family Coaching

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Family Unity


It has been very healing for me to write. I remain very hopeful, yet nervous, as we progress to this next ‘phase’ of family unity.

~ Pat S. / parent




I just wanted to take this time to thank the Program staff for all the wonderful work you are doing.

Our son is currently serving in the US Navy and has graduated from language school and awaiting permanent deployment. There will always be a warm spot in my heart for all the kids, parents and staff that make this Program work.

~ Greg E. / parent grad

Various Family Testimonials
Results rooted in a healthy transformation...
is critical in this process


Overwhelmed. Anxious. Sad. Isolated. Conflicted. Depressed. Lonely. Guilt-ridden. As a parent of an at-risk teen, this emotional roller-coaster is one you know well. Making responsible decisions for the well-being of your child are demanding. Change does not happen swiftly, nor does it travel in a straight line. The journey has its ups and downs. Your Community will offer you the support you need, as well as a place ‘to give back’ along that journey. Relief. Joy. Gratitude. Appreciation. Comforted. Reassured. Hopeful. A more desirable position on the emotional spectrum.


Here are what some parents and teens have shared with their Community concerning their experiences, as well as their appreciations to their Schools and Programs.




There have been times that I have felt discouraged or troubled. Reviewing comments from others has been uplifting and reaffirming for me.

~ Pam H. / parent





We are ‘new’ parents with a son in the Program for only about four weeks now. I was glad to read the humor piece someone posted on what some of the kids say to scare the heck out of us so we will bring them home. As I read them I was feeling pretty good because all we had received were two letters filled with apologies and contrition. Then it came! The letter that sends the shivers up your spine. Thankfully I got to ‘talk’ to some ‘older’ parents from our Community who assured me not to worry about a thing. What a help it is to connect with others who are like me.

~ Esther T. / parent


Being of Service


We love feeling part of our Community and feel that in some small way we are giving back to a Program that helped us find our family.

~ Chris H. / parent grad





Reading the postings on Community has opened a flood of emotions, but was very helpful to me.

~ Nell O. / new parent


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