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  • Best Value Based Boarding Schools
  • We provide access to deepest Tuition Discounts and Scholarships available
  • Options for Boys and Girls 12-21 years of age
  • Program Duration:  6-18 Months
  • All of our Boarding Schools utilize Accredited Academics
  • Several Faith Based Boarding Schools
  • Our Boarding Schools are Family Inclusive
  • Treatment for ADD, ADHD, RAD at our Boarding Schools



1 Teen, 1 Program, 1 Time...do it right. 

We immediately take the guess work out for families in their search of the “right” Boarding School for their child. There are many great Schools out there with passionate people selling what they believe is the ultimate solution. You can spend your time going from one school to another, only to find out that some important component of a Boarding School is not to your liking, your budget does not fit, the School is full, etc. Or you can contact us, get your standards meet in a fraction of the time with Schools you weren't aware even were available to you and your family.

Core Solutions is an effective service provider in the field of family healing. We are dedicated to helping families of at-risk teens find solutions that will change the direction of their child’s life, heal family relationships and create life long results.



Core Solutions offers a private community for parents and family members that are seeking out Boarding Schools, are currently enrolled at a Boarding School as well as Alumni families. Enrolling your son or daughter in a Boarding School is a very unique experience. Often times parents find it impossible for their neighbors, coworkers and even other family members to understand, so here is their chance to connect with others on the same path and help further foster family healing. Privacy can be a major comfort during this time, sometimes Facebook or other Social Media just doesn't cut it. 

This is not a place to connect with Schools, representatives are not permitted, this is a place for families.

If you need help signing up or just are inquiring please contact Info@CoreBB.com or call:

(888) 411-7565 

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