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Core Solutions has helped many families throughout the country since 2005. We are a small company made up of people who were once at the same point you are at today.


We guarantee you will receive compassionate and honest direction because we understand exactly what you’re going through. From finding the right fit program for your son, daughter or other loved one, to walking through the door for their first day to graduation and life beyond.

We will provide you with real solutions through honest dialogue, best suited to your family’s needs, goals and values.

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Please always feel invited to contact us. Whether your resources are limited, you do not think you have the courage to move forward, your nervous, whatever the hold up may be...we can help.

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There are many Boarding Schools and teen help programs that continue to practice an archaic approach to Parent Support. Many view the parents as interference.

The attitude of “just drop your son/daughter off and we will let you know when they are ready to come home.” VS. Our programs that view the parent as a partner and someone crucial to family healing. Our Boarding School’s offer Family Events/Weekends, Seminars, Workshops, Video Conferencing, Online Communities, Student Online Status Reports, and other ways of keeping you working right alongside your teen.

We have been through this process, we know how important your days are ahead especially when your teen is at Boarding School. You need a soft place to fall as well as to be able to grow along side your son or daughter.

If you have found us, chances are you likely sifted through many other “informational sites” out there first. We are not the top of every search, for good reason.


We are not a massive teen help youth program group with deep pockets to pay for the marketing (which you end up paying for in your tuition).


We are a small company made up of people that have been right where you are today.

There are programs out there that have hundreds of websites. Carbon copy sites with the intent to market to you. We do not employ that tactic, rather we stay small, flexible and personal.


We are not beholden to a particular Boarding School or teen help program, we are independent and that means the world to us...

  • Treatment for ADD, ADHD 


  • All of our Boarding Schools utilize Accredited Academics


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Welcome to Core Solutions. We work with families throughout the United States to help them find treatment for their out of control teen. Whether you are looking for teen rehab, military schooltherapeutic boarding school or an in-home program, we can help you find a solution that will work for the entire family to restore harmony.

One thing that sets us apart from other programs offering treatment for troubled teens is the level of parental involvement. Our programs understand the importance of parental relationships and we view parents as a partner. Our top rated boarding schools offer seminars, workshops, family events and online status reports to keep parents an integral part of the process.

In general, troubled teens boot camp, private school, or a Christian Boarding school is a last resort. We offer an in-home program package, 30 day family challenge, home coaching programs and workshops and retreats that allow you to make the changes that need to be made, while maintaining your family structure and daily life.

Use our school and program finder to find the right Therapeutic boarding School, Teen Rehab or Troubled Teen Boot Camp and Top Rated Boarding Schools. Contact us for more information about our home program package, 30 day family challenge and other programs for teens and families.

-Core Solutions guides many families and their teens through residential therapy and behavioral therapy for issues regarding teen substance abuse, teen depression, teen reactive attachment disorder (RAD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), child self-harm, teen rebellion, teen anger, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), teen attention deficit, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We also provide in home therapy for teens and families as well as family support groups, and parent and teen support groups.

Core Solutions Helps Families Find Affordable Boarding School  & Treatment Options for Troubled Teens Struggling with Mental & Behavioral Issues. - Top Affordable Boarding Schools | Core Solutions Educational Consultants

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