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    FAQs: Exploring the Details & Finding Solutions Our FAQs cover a comprehensive range of common inquiries, offering detailed insights into our services, resources, boarding school options, local treatment solutions, and more, providing you with all the essential information you need to make informed decisions. Typically, what kind of teen would benefit from a Residential Boarding School? They are good kids, with good hearts who have gotten off track and are headed in a self-destructive direction. Teens doing poorly in their academics, teens exhibiting risky behavior, and have rebellious and defiant attitudes towards their parents and authority figures. They suffer from low self-esteem and lack motivation. Parents have become alarmed at their choice of friends, depression, and have withdrawn from family participation, plummeting grades, poor attitude, and use of alcohol or drugs. Their mastery at manipulation makes it virtually impossible for parents to alter their perilous behavior without the intervention of outside resources. What indicators should be considered? Parents with increasing concerns about their teen’s poor choices and risky behavior want solutions that will turn things around before it’s too late. One primary indicator is they have fallen behind in their grades and are in danger of not graduating high school. Placement within the safe, structured environment of a Boarding School, the distractions and poor influences are removed and replaced with positive peer influence, healthy activities, and leadership opportunities. Boarding Schools offer accredited, accelerated academic programs customized for each student so that they can catch up in their studies and get back on track towards high school graduation. What should I look for in a residential program? Obviously what will best meet the needs of your child, but also in alignment with your family values. Find out what involvement you can have as a parent. The downward spiral of your teen has taken a toll on your entire family. Find out what kind of parent education, involvement and support they offer. Your teen will be making personal changes and have opportunities for growth and development. You will want to progress and learn along with them so that you’re prepared and able to be the best support possible when they return home. A solid residential school or program will also have alumni parents you can communicate with prior to placement who will be able to share their own perspective and experiences. Take a tour of the facility and meet the staff and students. ​ ​ Updated: Given the downturn in our economy over the last several of years, we have also been stressing...tuition. We have been very active in securing the most realistically affordable Boarding School tuition for our families. We certainly want to see the teen as well as the family as a whole complete the Boarding School process, from start to finish. This can certainly be hindered if families commit to a higher tuition than they can afford because they have not done their homework. Are there loans or scholarships available? Yes. Some schools offer in-house loan funding. A list of loan companies can also be provided that parents can work with directly. Some schools also offer scholarship tuition for families who establish legitimate financial hardship. All scholarship applications are reviewed by those individual schools that have scholarships available and are granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of that school and based on availability of funds. Please note that parents are responsible for their own loan and scholarship application paperwork. What if my teen does not want to go? We can help put you in contact with several qualified, experienced and licensed Interventionists who can safely work with and guide your teen to their residential boarding school. What is the length of stay? Be realistic with your expectations. A quick fix (2-6 weeks) will not equate to lasting change. Keep in mind that your teen’s self-destructive behavior did not get to that point quickly, so don’t expect it to miraculously correct. Human nature does not work that way. Self-directed and self-motivated change will take time to develop. They will make progress and good choices as they evolve through the levels of the program structure, earn trust, privileges and responsibilities. Give them the time needed to internalize their changes so that when they do return home they make good choices for themselves because they want to, not because they have to. Team with their staff, and be open to their coaching and direction. They work closely with your teen and will have valuable insight regarding the progress your teen is making. Be prepared for at least 6 - 18 months, each situation and program format obviously will always vary.

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    Our Parent Contact Form is a user-friendly tool designed to foster open communication and understanding between parents and our team. It provides a secure and confidential space for parents to share their concerns, requirements, and specific needs, enabling us to offer personalized guidance and support tailored to each family's unique situation. Your journey begins with this simple yet impactful step of reaching out through our Parent Contact Form. You can always contact us direct through the following: Phone: 888-417-2466 Email: Parent Contact Form First Name Last Name Email Childs Name Phone City and State You Reside I agree to recieiving text messages Greatest Concern for your Teen (you can choose multiple options) Academics Adoption ADD/ADHD Bad Influences Disrespect to Family Emotionally Struggling Intense Temper Legal or Possible Legal Issues ODD/RAD Self Harm Substance Abuse OTHER Please provide a some insight to help us get started SUBMIT Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours. Disclaimer Disclaimer: The privacy and security of your personal information are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that all data submitted through our platform, including the Parent Contact Form, is treated with strict confidentiality and safeguarded using industry-standard security measures. Your information will only be used for the purpose of providing support and assistance, and will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent. We are committed to ensuring the protection and integrity of your data, allowing you to engage with us confidently and securely.

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    Meet Mr. Cook I grew up the youngest of 5, in a model all-American family: Church, vacations, weekly family dinners, PTA Mom, and all of us kids in Sports year-round of one type or another. I grew up with a tight knit group of friends from pre-school on through high school. I had the same teachers as my siblings before me, and they before the next. Being the youngest, I somehow managed to earn the title of ‘Mom’s little caboose, her favorite’. To this day I believe, or so would like to think at least, that title still stands. My Story I knew I had it good growing up. Blessed with a very close family, with nothing but green pastures ahead. As I made my way through elementary school, I sadly witnessed my friend’s families splitting up, divorcing. Families where you would have never seen it coming. It was sad. I always felt so bad for them, though I did not know what to say or how to support them. I could not relate. As I entered middle school the trend continued. This time with various extended families that I was very close to. I grew up having sleep overs with them, and by this time started sneaking out with their kids. Again, no idea what to say or how to best support them. I still could not relate. My family was rock solid … right? ​ Wrong. Our ticket was up, sadly. What I had not realized, or understood was that my parents had been on the brink for years and the dam finally burst. By today’s standards, when compared with even the families that I’ve had worked with over the years, it still takes the cake of one of the nastier divorces ever. No one came out unscathed. ​ My dad immediately took the first out he could and moved several states away. And within no time at all, the once vibrant family home turned into a quiet desert, left with just Mom and me. ​ I now knew how those others before me felt. It was lonely, empty and surreal. Now those other family and friends that I had grown up with and were part of my DNA, if you will. They slowly began to creep away. They did not know what to say or how to console me, because they could not relate. Now I was on the other side of the fence. My mom did her best, though as a teenage boy going through a bad family break up, she had to admit to me, as well as herself, “This is my first time at this as well. I don’t know what to do or say, except I am sorry for what you are going through.” ​ Before this time in my life I had never skipped school. I was always terrified of what would happen if my dad found out about it. Growing up he was solid with fear motivation, and I will admit, it worked for the most part. Well, with him no longer in the picture, and just feeling lost I just could not sit around a boring classroom and listen to the teacher, or act engaged and feel the awkwardness with my used-to-be-close-friends sitting all around me. So one day, I just decided to go do something else. Anything other than sitting in class one more day! So one day I skipped school. ​ Nothing happened. Wow! So I decided to go ahead and skip school again. It was at least bearable walking around town, exploring and finding anything that I could do to take my mind off of my life at hand. ​ This quickly became a theme. And soon, I had to answer for it … sort of. My mom found out about all of the school I had been missing and confronted me, in a very sympathetic, and eager to understand sort of way. I explained I just didn’t have it in me. In hindsight, I was grieving. And I just couldn’t do it anymore. ​ We got called into the Principal’s office to visit about what was going on, and where do we go from here. As mentioned at the beginning, everyone knew our family at my school. My siblings had all attended the same school, and of course gossip gets around. Everyone knew my family had fallen. ​ With this in mind, as opposed to any serious consequence, I got some coaching and a pat on the back. From that moment on I felt like the world had just handed me a blank check. I was thinking to myself, “Seriously, there is not a single person on this planet that is going to hold me accountable here? Ok, I can go with this.” A very dangerous notion for a 15-year old kid going through the breakup of his beloved family. ​ From that point forward I went from down-in-the-dumps-lonely-kid, to you-will-never-see-me-at-school-again. Continuation/Alternative School or not, and hey while I am at it, why not really check out and start smoking pot and drinking with my “new friends” while I am it. My new friends consisted primarily of kids a couple of years older than me, parents had already divorced or were just plain neglectful. They could come and go as they pleased. They had already been kicked out or dropped out of school. Several had already been arrested, and some of them had been arrested several times already. This was a recipe for disaster. For many of you, by now this may begin to sound very familiar, or at least it will all too soon. ​ I went from a victim of my parent’s life decisions to The Leader of my own destruction. And in several instances, I was The Leader for destruction in the lives of other kids around me as well. I was on a war path and nothing could slow me down, nor get in my way. I was on a race to the bottom vs. myself. ​ Sweet Mama Bear was now locking up her Den at night to avoid missing items, and money in the morning. Items and money which would only be tools used to help fuel her son’s fixation on personal destruction. ​ Moving forward a bit, I am certain many of you can fill in the gaps to this point. My mom had tried counseling with me, she tried to be stern, she tried tightening the house rules, imposing restrictions, she tried to give me space, she tried anything and everything she could think of … but she was no match for my out-of-control spiral. We went through a slew of therapists: “let’s talk about feelings … let’s draw this or that … if you want to just sit there you can, we don’t have to talk if you do not want to” I even had one therapist for about 6-weeks, but I have no idea what the person’s name was because we really never spoke. I would go to his office after school, take a nap on the couch, leave and go make my plans for the night. And my mom had no idea this was the routine – she had no idea what a total waste of time it was, not to mention her money and her hopes. But I didn’t care. ​ ​ For a while I felt in control. People feared me, avoided me, some even envied me. It was all relative, as long as I could do what I wanted at any given moment. I didn’t care. This feeling did not last for too long though. Eventually it did become lonely, very lonely. I realized that the new friends were actually the biggest losers I had ever met. I had parted so far from the real friends that I grew up with that they wouldn’t have anything to do with me, nor would their parents allow them to, which was a great call on their part. I was now “that kid.” ​ ​ By now, my pain had derailed me far off the track. I had been raised well, with love and kindness. I opened doors for the Elderly. I did chores growing up. I loved being with my family, you know the type. But now the destructive choices and self-imposed toxins had left nothing but a shattered life, too much to put back together on my own. Too prideful to ask for help, and no trust nor feelings of rapport with anyone who could have helped – like teachers or therapists. I’d painted myself into a corner. All I had left was my tough-guy image, and I wasn’t willing to let go of that. I was a mess. ​ ​ Moving forward, what I didn’t know was my mom had been frantically searching for help for me for weeks. She asked everyone she knew. Odd as it sounds, none of the professionals had any resources for her at all. It was a friend of hers who finally stumbled across a possible resource. She told my mom about a Program for kids that were in my same shoes. My mom did her homework and knew instantly that this was the solution she’d been looking for; new environment, sober, structured, far away from home, family involvement, academics. This would be like being able to hit the reset button for my entire life. ​ ​ For my mom, up to that point with me, it had been like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. And she’d run out of nails, months prior. ​ ​ Within a few days she had completed the paperwork, gathered my belongings and I was off. I was livid. I made sure that message had not gone unnoticed. For the first time in a while, I had no control any longer. Though the dirty little secret that I would not admit to anyone for some time into my Program, was that I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was still locked in such a power struggle with the world I could not let my guard down. I was only worried that I would look weak or wrong, not really what I was looking to project at the time. ​ ​ The night that I arrived to my Program they let me take a shower to wash off the day’s travels. I recall looking in the mirror, staring into my eyes for the first time in a very long time. I peered into my soul and said to myself, “Thank God it is finally over.” I had no clue where I was, who I was with, what I would be doing, how long I would be there. Though I did know for a fact, my mom loved me and would have done her homework and landed me softly into a place in life that I would be taken care of, have a chance to stop the chaos in my life, and from there it would be up to me to flourish or fail. This seemed like a pretty fair proposition. ​ ​ I chose to flourish. I loved it. I still do. That is why I am here working with kids and families. What a lucky guy I am to bear witness to the same “me” of long ago. Watching one kid after the next get that same second chance. A moment for each kid to step away just once in life from the chaos, loss, loneliness, anger and choose to explore, and love life and become reunited with their families, for life! If you happen to be in “last resort mode” and feel your best chance for you son is to enroll him into a Boarding School, I invite you to please give the following some consideration. I am of the strong belief that a Boarding School, when chosen properly, is a one-time opportunity to positively change a teen’s trajectory in life. ​ ​ When a family can be open, step out of their comfort zone through this process (Admissions Process) and match up their son with a School that best resembles their son’s true interest. One that provides unique daily challenges and where he will be surrounded by mentors who have been in their shoes, it is a beautiful process. ​ A Boarding School, is not intended, nor should ever be used or viewed as a punishment. As with any of us, true change comes from the heart which is located on the inside, not the out. You cannot change from the outside in, only the inside out. ​ I am the only one in this field operating a School who has actually gone to bed in a Program and then woke up in that very same place night after night, day after day. I am the only one who can mentor your son, from a place of actual experience of knowing, recognizing and appreciating the value of having my parent do for me what I couldn’t do for myself. ​ Lucky for me, my mom choose wisely. Somehow, by a miracle she put aside distance, time and money. She was willing to sacrifice her needs over her son’s future. That’s what Mama Bears do! ​ Had she not, I would have been kicked out, runaway, or frankly just been miserable every single day and in turn, not learned a thing except how to chisel one mark at a time on ‘the wall’, tracking how long I had been there, and how soon until I’d leave. No one wants that for their son, especially not you. And believe it or not, neither does your son, not in his true heart and true spirit. That good seed you placed within him, is, and always will be there. It just needs to be kindled correctly to reignite again. Sincerely, R. Cook or call us direct (888) 417-2466 For a Free Consultation CLICK HERE <

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    Welcome to Core Solutions' Parent and Family Resource Page Your Beacon of Support and Empowerment! Here, you'll find a collection of articles, expert insights, and practical resources tailored to your specific needs. From understanding the complexities of adolescent mental and behavioral health to exploring the most effective intervention programs and boarding school options, we've got you covered. Our unwavering commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate this transformative process with ease. At Core Solutions, we firmly believe that informed decisions lead to lasting positive outcomes for families in crisis. ​ White Paper: Nurturing Adolescent Minds: Effective Strategies for Mental and Behavioral Well-Being Discover the transformative potential of understanding and addressing the unique needs of teenagers, and gain valuable resources to shape a brighter future for the young minds around us. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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    FREE CONSULTATION < At Core Solutions, we promise to be with you every step of the way. From finding the perfect program tailored to your son, daughter, or other loved one's unique needs to celebrating their graduation & preparing them for life beyond. Immediate Intervention on a Local Level LEARN MORE < Long Term or Specialty Assistance LEARN MORE < or call us direct (888) 417-2466 For a Free Consultation CLICK HERE < Unbeatable Value: Choose from the Best Value Based Boarding Schools Unlock Opportunities: Explore Nationally Available Tuition Discounts and Scholarships Inclusive Options: Tailored Solutions for Boys and Girls No Cost to You: Our Services are 100% FREE Targeted Treatment: Specialized Support for ADD, ADHD, ADOPTION, DIVORCE ISSUES & RAD Academic Excellence: All Boarding Schools boast Accredited Academics Embrace Faith: Explore Faith-Based Boarding School Options Together We Thrive: Experience Family Inclusive Boarding Schools Expertise and Experience: Over a Decade and a Half of Family Involved, Custom Enrollment You're Not Alone! (888) 417-2466

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    Welcome to our world, where we challenge the archaic approach to Parent Support prevalent in many Boarding Schools and teen help programs. Unlike those who see parents as interference, we believe in the power of partnership and consider parents to be integral to the healing process of families. We guarantee you will receive compassionate and honest direction because we understand exactly what you’re going through. From finding the right fit program for your son, daughter or other loved one, to walking through the door for their first day to graduation and life beyond. Gone are the days of "just dropping off your son/daughter" and waiting indefinitely. Our programs value your presence and engagement throughout the journey. We provide numerous avenues for you to be an active participant in your teen's growth – from Family Events/Weekends, Seminars, and Workshops to Video Conferencing, Online Communities, and Student Online Status Reports. We keep you closely connected, working hand in hand with your teen. Having experienced this process ourselves, we understand the importance of every single day, especially when your teen is at Boarding School. We recognize that you need both a supportive space to lean on and the opportunity to grow alongside your beloved son or daughter. or call us direct (888) 417-2466 For a Free Consultation CLICK HERE < We stand proudly apart from the hundreds of carbon-copy websites designed solely for marketing purposes. Instead, we focus on offering authentic support and guidance. Our independence is what drives us forward, and it means the world to us. We are not bound to any particular Boarding School or teen help program, which enables us to tailor our approach to suit your family's unique needs and aspirations. Our commitment lies solely in your well-being and the transformation of your teen's life. ​ Join us on this transformative journey towards healing, growth, and empowerment. Together, we will defy the norms and embrace a new, more compassionate way of nurturing families. We are here for you every step of the way, offering unwavering support and understanding. You're Not Alone! (888) 417-2466

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    "After searching through various programs, we are grateful we found Core Solutions. Their commitment to treating parents as partners sets them apart from the rest. Their small and personalized approach made us feel like part of the family. Our daughter has shown incredible progress, and we can't thank Core Solutions enough!" - Michael L.

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    FREE CONSULTATION < We guarantee you will receive compassionate and honest direction because we understand exactly what you’re going through. From finding the right fit program for your son, daughter or other loved one, to walking through the door for their first day to graduation and life beyond. When You Are Seeking Immediate Intervention on a Local Level When immediate intervention becomes a priority, this resource holds immeasurable value for you. We are your dedicated partners, working with families nationwide to discover an extensive array of resources and options, often hidden within your own local community. From day programs to inpatient facilities and beyond, let us unveil the possibilities that you may have never even imagined were available in your area. Your journey towards transformative solutions starts here – let us guide you to the support and assistance you truly deserve! For a Free Consultation CLICK HERE < or call us direct (888) 417-2466 When you Need Long Term or Specialty Assistance This is one of the single biggest impacting decisions you will ever get to vote on in your child’s life. There are opportunities and professionals out there, available to you and your family right now, that will lift you up and create a whole and healthy family once again. Be sure you work with the right people to find the right people. We work with the leading schools and programs in the nation to provide your family with the best options for your son or daughter.

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