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Core Solutions has helped many families throughout the country since 2005.


We are a small company made up of people who were once at the same point you are at today. We guarantee you will receive compassionate and honest direction because we understand exactly what you’re going through.


When we visit, our first goal is to establish a mutual trust. Our job is to listen to you, respect your feelings and concerns, and educate you, rather than judge your situation or family dynamics and history. 

Core Solutions understands that you may be anxious about this process of accepting help for your son or daughter; therefor we make it a priority to carefully explain in detail a proposed path forward of healing and success, and take time to answer all questions.

Only then we will move forward in putting a plan into action. 

Boarding Schools have formats, treatment cultures, methods and so on for the right fit student and family.

The more involved you are in making educated decisions the less from there is for fear and uncertainty.

Is your Son or Daughter struggling with...

  • Substance Abuse

  • Academics (performance, attendance, behavior)

  • Social Media (addiction and poor image)

  • Unhealthy Peer Culture

  • Empty Promises and Constant 2nd Chances

  • Physical Health and Appearance

  • Self Esteem and/or Self Image

  • Lack of Accountability, Integrity, Ethics

Meet Mr. Cook
Founder of Core Solutions


I grew up the youngest of 5, in a model all-American family: Church, vacations, weekly family dinners, PTA Mom, and all of us kids in Sports year-round of one type or another.

I grew up with a tight knit group of friends from pre-school on through high school. I had the same teachers as my siblings before me, and they before the next. Being the youngest, I somehow managed to earn the title of ‘Mom’s little caboose, her favorite’. To this day I believe, or so would like to think at least, that title still stands.

(888) 417-2466

Is it time for your Son or Daughter to finally slow down, reconnect and thrive within...

  • Inner Peace, Harmony and Genuine Confidence

  • Academic Goals and Accomplishments

  • Family Relationships and Teamwork

  • A Desire for a Positive Peer Culture

  • A Focus & Pride on Personal Health and Well Being

  • An Attraction to Goal Setting and Hard Work

  • A Love of Volunteerism

  • Not Living for False Acceptance and Approval

  • A Desire to Spread Pure Joy to Those Around Them

If you are reading this, odds are you are at the beginning of what currently feels like a scary and impossible journey.


Don’t worry, you are not the first nor the last parent tasked with your particular situation, we can help.

When faced with an out of control teen(s) there are just as many “answers” out there as there are questions. Groups offering a quick fix through instructional CD’s, the local Acute Care facility, Therapist, Family Dr., Residential Treatment, Support Groups, nosy neighbors, the list goes on.

We understand that as sincere as some people may be, not everyone can have the right answers for you. Each parent, teen, School and professional group is different. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, particular experience, processes and history.

Our services have been created and defined solely on what we have found that works the most effective and the most often, within our target demographic.

  • Treatment for ADD, ADHD 


  • All of our Boarding Schools utilize Accredited Academics


Core Solutions Privacy Policy

Teen Treatment - Boarding School

Enrollment Specialist

Welcome to Core Solutions. We work with families throughout the United States to help them find treatment for their out of control teen. Whether you are looking for teen rehab, military schooltherapeutic boarding school or an in-home program, we can help you find a solution that will work for the entire family to restore harmony.

One thing that sets us apart from other programs offering treatment for troubled teens is the level of parental involvement. Our programs understand the importance of parental relationships and we view parents as a partner. Our top rated boarding schools offer seminars, workshops, family events and online status reports to keep parents an integral part of the process.

In general, troubled teens boot camp, private school, or a Christian Boarding school is a last resort. We offer an in-home program package, 30 day family challenge, home coaching programs and workshops and retreats that allow you to make the changes that need to be made, while maintaining your family structure and daily life.

Use our school and program finder to find the right Therapeutic boarding School, Teen Rehab or Troubled Teen Boot Camp and Top Rated Boarding Schools. Contact us for more information about our home program package, 30 day family challenge and other programs for teens and families.

-Core Solutions guides many families and their teens through residential therapy and behavioral therapy for issues regarding teen substance abuse, teen depression, teen reactive attachment disorder (RAD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), child self-harm, teen rebellion, teen anger, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), teen attention deficit, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We also provide in home therapy for teens and families as well as family support groups, and parent and teen support groups.

Core Solutions Helps Families Find Affordable Boarding School  & Treatment Options for Troubled Teens Struggling with Mental & Behavioral Issues. - Top Affordable Boarding Schools | Core Solutions Educational Consultants

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